Nebraska Mediation Services

As much an art as it is a science – is the process of creating an atmosphere of safety, trust, and the power to finally be heard.

At Shaul Mediation & Family Services we take people right where they are... and where they are is often in a place where meaningful communication has become impossible. Sometimes the relationships have been strained to the point of breaking down completely.

What we offer here is hope… possibly of full restoration or reconciliation, possibly the hope of finding a place to stand in peace as you go your separate ways. In either case, we strive for unity as to what a brighter future will look like individually.

Our Goal is to Bridge the Gap Between Conflict & Healing

Shaul Mediation is people. It is people who care and are trained to meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go. We have several trained mediators, facilitators, and instructors available, including those trained to handle high conflict situations. We are here no matter what your struggle or tension involves. Whether you are a mom or dad who needs some wisdom in parenting through a difficult stage in life, a spouse going through a divorce who needs a parenting plan, or an adult child who has an aged parent who is resisting a needed transition into assisted living, we are here to help you talk through the tension and work through the strife.

Shaul Mediation & Family Services is committed to bringing the mediation services as well as the education and training needed to promote and encourage healthy interpersonal relationships, family unity, effective child rearing, safe and nurturing parental dynamics, and financially responsible and rewarding business relations.

We look forward to meeting you… and serving you.

Founder – Jim Shaul