Church Mediation

Church mediation is built upon the belief that churches are families; they are related, however, not by blood line, but by faith. The dynamics of church mediation, then, are no different in principle from family mediation. Often times there are unhealthy disputes amongst church members/parishioners and if left unresolved, can fester and damage the whole body of believers.

Mediation can be useful at the believer-believer level or at the church as a whole level when factions have developed within the body. Church mediation, then, can involve. . .

Believer Mediation: One-on-one mediation between Christians to resolve personal conflicts or one-on-one mediation between Christians to resolve business conflicts.

Body Mediation: Group mediation between factions within the body or body mediation between pastors/elders and the members. Facilitation may become necessary if a larger governing body over the church becomes involved.