Education & Training

Education & Training:

Shaul mediation is committed to bringing the education and training needed to promote and encourage healthy interpersonal relationships, family unity, effective child rearing, and safe and nurturing parental dynamics.

To this end, Shaul Mediation offers several classes to parents who are in need of shoring up their nurturing skills.

Court Ordered Parent Education Classes
Level I "What About the Children" (Divorce, Custody, Legal Separation, Contempt Cases) -2 hours online
Level II "Reaching Beyond Conflict" (High Conflict, Modification Cases) - 2 hours

High Conflict Co-Parenting Course (Typically ordered as a part of DV probation)
Basic Parenting Skills Course - 8 Week (Typically ordered as a part of a child neglect or abuse case)


A new and exciting area of training is our Mediation Mentoring program. Mediation Mentoring is a service to people that desire to get involved in the field of mediation, whether as...

  • An interest
  • A part time job
  • A retirement service commitment
  • A full time endeavor