Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation is a specialized mediation process that involves a dispute either between...

  • Senior parent(s) and their children
  • Adult siblings, over a matter centered on their senior parent(s)
The disputes are typically over...

  • parental health
  • living arrangements
  • mobility
  • ability to take care of personal needs and finances
  • medical care
  • and estate issues
These areas of life become more critical in the older years, and decisions need to be made concerning each area.

Often, there are differences of opinion as to how to proceed between parents and children and amongst siblings. Elder Mediation is a process by which siblings alone or parents and siblings meet and attempt to build consensus in the decisions.

Unresolved or poorly resolved issues can divide siblings and fragment families – and this at a time when mom and dad are seeking to wrap up their lives with as much peace and harmony as possible.