Mediation & Facilitation

The Hope of Mediation

Mediation success is built on the active principles of

  • Individual ownership of responsibility
  • Empowerment to be heard and understood
  • Commitment to the goal of dispute resolution
Human beings want to be heard. Human beings want to know that their thoughts and feelings matter. Human beings want to express these in a safe and meaningful setting where there is hope of resolution to problems. There is hope at the mediation table. Mediators do not and can not guarantee that people will achieve the goals they set forth, but we can promise that we will put forth every effort to create an atmosphere where everyone’s concerns, hopes and goals can be heard, safely discussed, and meaningfully considered. Success is entirely in the hands of the participants. If they want it to work, it will work. Shaul Mediation is committed to bringing the mediation services as well as the education and training needed to promote and encourage...

  • healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • family unity.
  • effective child rearing.
  • safe and nurturing parental dynamics.
  • financially responsible and rewarding business relations.

Mediation Described

Mediation is a tool that can be brought to bear upon any dispute. General mediation covers a broad range of issues and topics and the practitioner need only be trained in Basic Mediation skills. The area most often served by general mediation is Small Claims Court disputes, but any arena can be served. General mediation typically involves only two parties and focus on a specific – often single event or series of events that serve as the basis of the dispute. Whether you are fighting with the man next door over a barking dog, wanting fair treatment by a teacher, desiring the neighborhood to install speed bumps, or arguing with a friend over a lost CD, general mediation is a way to resolve the problem without resorting to lawyers or court.