Mediation Mentoring

Mediation Mentoring

  • If you are a new mediator and need your mediation supervision cases, we can do that for you. A seasoned mediator will walk you through 1-2 complete cases so you can turn in your paperwork to the ODR. There is no fee for this service.
  • If you are a newer mediator and would like further hands-on mediation training working with an experienced mediator on live cases and also want to learn the "business" of mediation, we can do that also. This is a fee based service, but it you are an ODR approved mediator, you can receive payment for your mediation work.
  • Mentoring involves establishing a training track based on individual goals, hands-on coaching and evaluation, and passing on of relevant and necessary skills and wisdom to the trainee to promote successful mediation.
  • The Master Mediator offers wisdom and guides the apprentice through each mediation.
  • The Master Mediator personally oversees and directs the novice/trainee in every aspect of mediation and facilitation and does so not only to develop that individuals skills, but to advance the entire industry of mediation.
  • This service falls under the commitment to serving not only those we come in contact with, but our generation as a whole. To this end, new state mediation standards will require the novice mediator to apprentice under a Master Mediator for a period of time to offer wisdom and help guide them through several mediations, demonstrating and observing in actual mediations.

A word from a former protégé,

Jim Shaul possesses vast amounts of knowledge, experience, and skills, which he effectively transfers to others with ease and confidence when mentoring.

He exhibits and models strong ethical principles and professional expertise, knowing when to interject a bit of humor while realizing the seriousness, in guiding a successful mediation.

It is apparent Jim has a deep understanding of human nature; he cares about others, treats others with respect, and is genuinely interested in the professional growth and development of those he has the opportunity to work with. Jim is indeed a motivating and inspirational mentor.