Parental Conflict Coaching

Professional mediation and counseling that works with the individual parent and insulates the party from negative communications with the other bio-parent and works towards healing from the past negative relationship and insulating the children from Ongoing Parental Conflict.

The conflict coach helps identify the major areas of conflict that the parent is having with the other parent and suggests strategies to find resolution to the stress and emotional drain of unending conflict. The parent is free to choose which strategies he or she want to employ and feels comfortable within the current situation. Ongoing Parental Conflict Issues:

  • Logistical (child transition time changes, right of first refusal, child care)
  • Financial (medical, student activities, holiday, special event, school expenses, transportation, child support)
  • Health (ongoing minor sicknesses, medicine schedules, significant medical decisions)
  • Activities (selections, permissions, supplies)
  • Clothing (weather appropriate clothes, transferred clothing)
  • School (homework, special projects, special events, backpacks)
  • Discipline (boundaries, groundings, home-to-home consistency)

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